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UX, Usability, Web, Mobile

During my final semester at the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point, I had the opportunity to work with two classmates in conjunction with Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation. The project was to come up with a concept for a redesign of Marshfield Clinic's outdated patient portal, with the overall goal of creating an engaging product that would promote wellness and excitement about health for its users. Using an agile process, we split the project into four main phases: Research, Design, Development, and Usability.

During the research phase, we looked into the healthcare industry and health information privacy acts. We then completed competitive analyses of Marshfield Clinic and created personas for their target users that would be using the patient portal.

My main role during this project took place during the design phase, in which we created a mood board, sitemap, wireframes, and mock ups. For both the wireframes and mock ups, many drafts were created to ensure the best final product. We also made mock ups of mobile and tablet designs.

During the development phase, we brought our mock ups to life by creating an interactive prototype. This was built using a prototyping software called Axure.

After we developed the majority of the pages, we conducted usability testing at Marshfield Clinic's usability lab with five participants and Morae software. Based on the results found here, we made changes to our interactive prototype and then conducted another small usability testing session on to ensure that our changes had improved the previous version.

The final interactive prototype was to be used as a proposition tool for Marshfield Clinic.

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